Mindjammer Press welcomes Luca Volpino to the team!

luca volpino portrait 2019We’re delighted to announce a new member joining the Mindjammer Press team this week, as we ready ourselves to meet the challenges of 2019.

Luca Volpino (Wild Boar Publishing) joins us as our Administration Manager. His core responsiblity will be for internal sales reporting and all the essential numbers which need crunching in our business. You’ll also see Luca at conventions and online via social media – all of us here will be continuing to wear our many hats.

Over the past 12 months here at Mindjammer Press, we’ve seen a huge increase in our workload as we open up new product lines – first Capharnaum, and now The Chronicles of Future Earth – and develop existing ones (particularly Mindjammer).

Luca is joining us to help manage these essential business tasks and allow Sarah, Jason, John, and the rest of the production studio to continue to focus on creating our games. David will continue to manage our web presence and of course to write on Mindjammer and other games.

It’s going to be a huge year for Mindjammer Press – I hope you’ll join us, and wish Luca a warm welcome!

Sarah Newton

Normandy, 16 January 2019

Ian Liddle joins Mindjammer Press as Operations Manager

Ian Liddle-18-05-16Hi everyone! We’re delighted to welcome Ian Liddle to the Mindjammer Press team today as our new operations manager. Ian’s an experienced hand in the roleplaying games industry, having spent twelve years publishing as Applied Vectors, undertaking freelance games conversion, and doing writing and layout work for such luminaries as FASA Games Inc, Battlefield Press, BTRC, Utherwald Press, and most recently Shades of Vengeance.
As Mindjammer Press operations manager, he’ll be immediately taking over the management of our online presence, including the Mindjammer Press website, forums, and social media, as well as assisting with the day-to-day running of the company. Since our successful Mindjammer Kickstarter last December, we’ve been delighted to find ourselves increasingly busy, and can’t wait for Ian to join the team and help pilot Mindjammer Press into the future!
Ian joins me, Sarah Newton (Mindjammer Press director), and Jason Juta (our art director) on the management team, together with our fantastic team of writers, designers, and artists, including John Snead, Graham Spearing, Paul Mitchener, David Donachie, Michal Cross, Andy Wintrip, Ian Stead, Eric Lofgren, and Daniel Voss.
Welcome aboard, Ian!