Mindjammer Press welcomes Garry Harper to the team!

Garry Harper portrait 2019_smallI’m delighted to announce today that Garry Harper will be joining us as Operations and Logistics Manager of Mindjammer Press. Garry brings a huge wealth of industry experience to the team, having worked in RPG operations for the past decade and in shipping logistics for even longer. He’s also heavily involved in charity work for The Role Play Haven, and has worked on many large-scale RPG projects, including “Conan – Adventures in an Age Undreamed-Of”, as well as several major industry kickstarters.

Garry’s going to be immediately sorting out our inventories, warehousing, and fulfilment logistics, and will also be hands-on with our community development and marketing efforts. You’ll also get to see him at the Mindjammer Press booth at many conventions, starting this June with UK Games Expo in Birmingham, UK. Please join us in welcoming Garry aboard!

Out now – print versions of “The Tears of Ampharool” and “The Swallower of Souls”!


We’re delighted to announce today the launch of the print versions of THE TEARS OF AMPHAROOL, the Quickstart and Introductory Adventure for CAPHARNAUM – THE TALES OF THE DRAGON-MARKED, and THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS, the Quickstart and Introductory Adventure for THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH.

The Swallower of Souls

In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise began to descend on the lands of humankind. The great civilisations of the Earth, which for aeons had seemed on the verge of slumber, now finally began to rot from within. From the edges of the world, the ever-present enemies drew close, their hungry claws poised to tear apart the delicate flesh of a fruit a hundred millennia in the ripening. And all around, a cry arose for Heroes, to stand against the dying of the light, and save the world from the sins of its past.

THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS is the Quickstart Rules and Introductory Adventure for THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH, the brand new cosmic fantasy roleplaying game from Mindjammer Press. Set in the far, far future of our planet Earth, it’s a game of sorcery and demons, of fallen civilisations and ancient technologies, of monsters and mysteries and mind-shattering dimensions. This Quickstart provides everything you need to play – a modified version of the Fate Core rules, specially tailored for cosmic fantasy roleplaying, six pregenerated characters, and an action-packed adventure in the Eternal City of Kados, spanning one or two sessions of play.

Some said it was the end of days. Some said it was only the beginning. These adventures tell the history of that time yet to come. These are the Chronicles of Future Earth…

The Tears of Ampharool

The Desert of Fire, the fearsome Aramla El-Nar, holds many secrets, a fiery waste which has swallowed entire armies and kingdoms whole. When their trade caravan is engulfed by a mysterious sandstorm, your Dragon-Marked heroes receive a call to adventure which may set them on their path to glory. Participate in all the romance, mystery, and adventure of the One Thousand and One Nights, with ancient magics, terrifying foes, and a forgotten betrayal which might change the world…!

THE TEARS OF AMPHAROOL is a complete and playable introductory adventure for CAPHARNAUM – THE TALES OF THE DRAGON-MARKED, featuring an abridged set of rules, five pregenerated characters to get to playing right away, and an action-packed scenario spanning one or two sessions of play.

You can buy these from the Modiphius webstore right now, and in your friendly local games store in the next couple of months!

Mindjammer Press welcomes Luca Volpino to the team!

luca volpino portrait 2019We’re delighted to announce a new member joining the Mindjammer Press team this week, as we ready ourselves to meet the challenges of 2019.

Luca Volpino (Wild Boar Publishing) joins us as our Administration Manager. His core responsiblity will be for internal sales reporting and all the essential numbers which need crunching in our business. You’ll also see Luca at conventions and online via social media – all of us here will be continuing to wear our many hats.

Over the past 12 months here at Mindjammer Press, we’ve seen a huge increase in our workload as we open up new product lines – first Capharnaum, and now The Chronicles of Future Earth – and develop existing ones (particularly Mindjammer).

Luca is joining us to help manage these essential business tasks and allow Sarah, Jason, John, and the rest of the production studio to continue to focus on creating our games. David will continue to manage our web presence and of course to write on Mindjammer and other games.

It’s going to be a huge year for Mindjammer Press – I hope you’ll join us, and wish Luca a warm welcome!

Sarah Newton

Normandy, 16 January 2019