The Chronicles of Future Earth

Science-Fantasy Roleplaying in Earth’s Far Future

RuneQuest 6th Edition Campaign Setting

The Chronicles of Future Earth_press_release_cover_mockup_THUMBNAIL“In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise began to descend on the lands of humankind. The great civilisations of Earth, which for aeons had seemed on the verge of slumber, now finally began to rot from within. From the edges of the world the ever-present enemies drew close, their hungry claws poised to tear apart the delicate flesh of a fruit a hundred millennia in the harvesting. And all around, a cry arose for heroes, to stand against the dying of the light and save the world from the sins of its past.

“Some said that it was the end of days. Some said that it was only the beginning. These pages tell the history of that time yet to come. These are the Chronicles of Future Earth.”
Mindjammer Press and The Design Mechanism are delighted to announce that The Chronicles of Future Earth science-fantasy roleplaying setting is back, in an all-new full-size hardback edition for the 6th edition of the RuneQuest game!

The Earth we know is gone, forgotten in the depths of time. In its place is a world of mystery and danger, steeped in a thousand centuries of history and legend, where humankind brushes shoulders with beings and creatures strange and monstrous. The Venerable Autocracy of Sakara, the greatest — and oldest — of the Springtide Civilisations, rules over half the world, led by an immortal God-Emperor whose very word is law. It’s a world of deep, dark forests, brooding mountains, timeworn ruins haunted with the ghosts of the past and the weird monsters of the future. Arcane sorcerers explore strange dimensions, terrible priests wield powers from godlike extradimensional intelligences, and mighty soldiers forge new histories from the ruins of the past. It’s a time of danger, reckoning, and adventure. Welcome to The Chronicles of Future Earth.

The Chronicles of Future Earth is a 296-page hardback supplement for the RuneQuest 6th edition game, detailing the cultures, peoples, and creatures of the Venerable Autocracy of Sakara, the oldest of the Springtide Civilisations. With extensive histories, maps, and background, rules for ancient treasures and technologies dug from the depths of the earth, and much more, The Chronicles of Future Earth is the first in a new line of RuneQuest supplements produced by Mindjammer Press, providing everything you need to adventure amid exotic civilisations and the ruins of an ancient past in the unimaginably distant future.

This is the 2nd edition of The Chronicles of Future Earth, and is a huge expansion on the 1st edition introductory book. It features:

  • gazetteer and maps of the entire Venerable Autocracy of Sakara.
  • character creation for characters from all the Autocracy’s cultures, including many of the Jeniri races – the Cousins of Man – and the Esteri Not-Men of Earth, and full occupation details.
  • descriptions of all the Gods of the Great Compact.
  • descriptions of Hsuntakh creations and Paladoi Mindstones.
  • descriptions and rules for the Artifacts of the Ancients.
  • a detailed bestiary.
  • histories and backgrounds of the Springtide Civilisations.

It is the end of history. Humankind seems on the brink of a final, terrible collapse into darkness. All around, a cry arises for heroes, to stand against the dying of the light, and save the world from the sins of its past. Will you answer the cry?


The Chronicles of Future Earth will be published by Mindjammer Press and distributed by Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. Scheduled for release Winter 2014/15. For further information on distribution and reviews please contact Modiphius Entertainment.</em<


  1. Hello!

    Please tell me if this setting can be used w/minimum fuss w/the Basic Roalpelaying system, by Chaosium.


  2. I know you are busy with Mindjammer and seem to have time for little else. That’s cool. It is a big project. Any thoughts on how many years before you return to this project?

  3. The Design Mechanism recently announced you’d told them you were going to go with another game system option. Thank you for considering RQ6/Mythras. I look forward to learning which direction you’ve chosen to move (frankly expecting it to be 2D20).

  4. Boris Cibic says:

    Is it still on track for a Runequest/Mythras mechanic, as your most recent release is FATE. And, while FATE does some things really well…I do prefer Mythras.

  5. oubliette says:

    For anyone that missed the KS the final system was Fate Core. Hopefully they will update this page soon as the move to open the pledge manager.

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