The Chronicles of Future Earth: Of the Ages of the Earth

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Next month, in September 2018, Mindjammer Press is going to be launching its Kickstarter campaign for its epic new game THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH – COSMIC FANTASY ROLEPLAYING IN THE POST-HISTORICAL AGE. This massive standalone tome will be based on the Fate Core engine, highly customised to the cosmic fantasy genre, and will contain everything you need to play in this fantastic world of the far distant future. Over the coming weeks we’re going to be featuring snippets of the setting. To begin with, here are some words from Pilogiarch Jennisa Vlathu of the House of the Umbran Coil, Venerated High Priestess of the Temple of Unthar at Korudav, speaking in the year 2991 of the Fifth Cycliad…

“Look around you at the heavy red sun and the ruins of the past. Can you hear the whispered tales of the Beloved Dead? Their stories of the wars with the Mantis Men, those crumbling bones silent in the necropolises of the cities you walk every day? Your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather was not even a child back then, nor his parents a thought in their parents’ minds, infants playing in the sand of five hundred years ago.

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“Classic fantasy packed with exquisite and original touches…” – Jaine Fenn, author of the Hidden Empire series.

Mindjammer Press is delighted to announce the release today of THE WORM WITHIN, the new cosmic fantasy novel from ENnie Award-winning writer Sarah Newton (Mindjammer, Achtung! Cthulhu, Monsters & Magic, Legends of Anglerre). Subtitled “The First Chronicle of Future Earth”, this is the first in a series of epic fantasy novels set in the strange world of Earth’s very far future, a world of uncanny gods and demons, weird sorceries, and ancient and deadly technologies.

In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise fell on the lands of humankind…

It is the far future. Our civilisation, and its glorious technological future, is gone. Only rusted ruins and tunnels beneath the ancient cities hint at what once was. In the Chronomancer’s Tower, a young apprentice stumbles upon a secret which will change the world; an ancient evil, little more than a fairy tale to frighten children, is real, and threatening to return. But is everything what it seems? Wheels turn within wheels, and political machinations wrought by selfish men and women bring the world to the brink of devastation. Can Iago and his unlikely allies unravel the knot in time, and fathom the mystery of… the Worm Within?

Some said it was the end of days. Some said it was only the beginning. These pages tell the story of that time yet to come. These are the Chronicles of Future Earth.

THE WORM WITHIN is available right now in physical (trade paperback) and ebook versions, from the following outlets:

  • In trade paperback and ebook bundle (PDF, epub, Kindle MOBI) from our awesome distribution partner, Modiphius Entertainment.
  • In ebook bundle (PDF, epub, Kindle MOBI) and (very shortly) trade paperback from DriveThruFiction and DriveThruRPG.
  • In trade paperback and Kindle version from Amazon (.com,, .ca, .de, .fr, etc).
  • In bookstores via Ingram Group distribution (please ask your bookstore to order you a copy if they don’t have it in yet!).
  • Available via other major ebook retailers (iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc) in the new few days.

THE WORM WITHIN marks the start of a major new line of fiction and RPG titles from Mindjammer Press, to be followed by our Chronicles of Future Earth RPG crowdfunding campaign later in 2017.

Just us, and take up the cry for Heroes, to stand against the dying of the light and save the world from the sins of its past. The Autocracy abides!

“Thrilling, inventive, and full of wonder.” – Howard Andrew Jones, author of The Desert of Souls.

“The start of an absolutely fantastic new series!” – GMS Magazine