German-language Version of Monsters & Magic to be Published by Vagrant Workshop



Mindjammer Press and Vagrant Workshop / Pro-Indie are delighted to announce their agreement to produce a German-language translation of the “old school fantasy, new school play” OSR RPG Monsters & Magic. Vagrant Workshop / Pro-Indie, a private alliance of independent game designers based in Germany and led by Carsten Damm and Kathy Schad, will translate and publish the German-language version of the Mindjammer Press game, adding it to their catalogue of published games such as Equinox, Vampire City, Itras By, Valley of Eternity, and the German version of Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco.

Monsters and Magic - Web_page_Front_Cover_thumb

“This is the first translated version of the Monsters & Magic RPG, and we’re very happy to see the game and its Effect Engine core mechanic made available to a wider audience,” said Sarah Newton, co-owner of Mindjammer Press and author of the Monsters & Magic game. “Vagrant Workshop have a great track record for producing quality games they believe in passionately, and we’re looking forwards to working with them.”

“We have been looking for a new fantasy game ever since we stopped working on Earthdawn Third Edition, and think that we’ve found a perfect match for our product folio with Monsters & Magic,” added Carsten Damm, co-lead designer of Vagrant Workshop.

Vagrant Workshop / Pro-Indie expect to release the German-language version of the Monsters & Magic in 2014.

You can find the full text of the press release here.

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