Welcome to Mindjammer Press

Mindjammer returns! Welcome to Mindjammer Press, the new roleplaying and fiction imprint publishing the Mindjammer roleplaying game, the far future transhuman space opera setting, and associated fiction lines.

Mindjammer Press brings all the Mindjammer fiction and RPG products under a single umbrella, concentrating on the new second edition and its supplements, and future novels in the Mindjammer series. We’re looking forwards to a regular release of products to support the Mindjammer setting and community, beginning right now with a re-launch of ‘Mindjammer’, the first novel in the series.

In addition to the immediate release of the Mindjammer novel, Mindjammer Press is developing Mindjammer: The Expansionary Era, the second edition Mindjammer core book, for publication in spring 2013. The new edition will see vastly expanded content, new and detailed background material, and all new artwork, and will be fully compatible with the FATE 3 Core rules. It will be followed later in 2013 by the Solenine campaign pack, based on the setting for the first novel, a new and revamped Black Zone campaign, and Transcendence, the second novel in the Mindjammer series. We anticipate 3-4 releases per year thereafter.

With the imminent launch of the FATE 3 Core rules, we can’t think of a better time to produce the second edition of Mindjammer. We’re looking forwards to providing Mindjammer fans with an expanding line of transhuman space opera adventures, supplements, and fiction.

Mindjammer: the transhuman adventure continues. We hope you’ll join us.

Sarah Newton

Normandy, August 2012

The full text of the MINDJAMMER PRESS press release is available here: MINDJAMMER PRESS Press Release

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