Previews, Samples, and Downloads

Here’s a selection of previews and useful downloads for your Monsters & Magic game!


Sample Character – Gramfive the Grim, 1st level fighter from the Chronicles of High Fantasy examples of play in the Monsters & Magic rules.
Character Creation – showcasing sample character races (discussed on the Meme Machine Blog here).
The Effect Engine – the open-license rules mechanic which powers Monsters & Magic (discussed on the Meme Machine Blog here).
Example of Play – showcasing how the Effect Engine works in play! (Discussed here.)
Higher-Level Play – introducing character scales – playing heroic, epic, legendary and mythic characters and constructs! (Discussed here.)

Game References

Monsters & Magic character sheet – a one-page character sheet. Permission granted to print for personal use!
Form-fillable character sheet – a special active version of the one-page character sheet created by Travis Casey (thanks Travis!). Attribute modifiers calculate automatically, and you can indicate a prime attribute by placing an asterisk (*) directly after the score!
Rules Summary (coming soon!) – a 2-page summary of the key Monsters & Magic rules.
Race and Character Cards (coming soon!) – print and cut-out the corresponding trait cards for your race and class, if you don’t want to copy them onto your character sheet!
Monsters & Magic Reference Sheets (coming soon!) – all the tables from the core book.

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