Previous Version Errata

The following errata were for the version 1.00 PDF of Monsters & Magic released on the 12th June 2013. As of the 9th July these errata have been corrected in the PDF available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, and also in the upcoming print version from Chronicle City.

“Fierce Attack stance” corrected to “All-Out Attack stance”. In the Magic User (p21), Illusionist (p22), and Berserker (p61) write-ups, all references to “Fierce Attack stance” should instead read “All-Out Attack stance”.

p55: Example of Play. At the end of the second paragraph should read “gaining a +2 defence bonus for 5 effect points” rather than “5 rounds”. Xiola’s Shield spell will last 1 turn, as per the spell description on page 99.

p59: Area Effects. Instead of “increase cost by 1 step”, this should read “no additional cost”; area effects are bought as special effects using advancements, but beyond that don’t require an effect point cost to trigger – you simply divide your effect points between the targets. The second sentence should read: “This is common for certain spells (Burning Hands, Sleep, etc) and some explosions and similar effects.” Although we don’t provide a write-up for the classic Fireball spell, it probably wouldn’t use the area effect rules – see the Entangle spell on page 96 for how it might work.

p77: 0-level Rabble Hit Points (clarification). When 0-level characters are used as rabble, they only have 1 PHP and 1 MHP – any successful attack can incapacitate or even kill them. More significant 0-level characters have PHP and MHP equal to their Constitution and Wisdom scores respectively.

p88: Creating Special Items. The second sentence of the last paragraph on page 88 should read as follows: “The difficulty is usually Difficult (20), plus the number of treasure points expended on the item. The character gets a +1 bonus on the check for each additional treasure point expended.”

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