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“One of the five must-have games at GenCon this year.”

— Bleeding Cool, 2014

Mindjammer reminds me of the single-minded optimism and possibility of the future in the same way that Star Trek and Cosmos do.”

“The game’s structure and themes do so in parallel with each other, and it’s a beautiful thing. If you want to know if it’s good, I can tell you now – it’s good… This exemplifies my interest in this setting: classical 70s-90s SF optimism, open expression of influences, and dry tongue-in-cheek humour at things I love to laugh at. Marry me, Sarah Newton. This is what I like about you: you don’t think you’re special because you dreamed up all this stuff on your own – you let the fact that you single-handedly composed an elegantly, simple yet staggeringly comprehensive 500-page magnum role-playing opus define how awesome you are *while* thumbing your nose at childish notions of authenticity and originality. *That* makes you awesome. <applause>”

Review at Lost Hemisphere, by Autojack

“I have to say – ‘wow’.”

“This is an epic piece of work that has obviously been a labour of love for Ms Newton. The scope and breadth is magnificent and the little personal details in each chapter make this a joy to read through… This gets a hearty endorsement from UK Roleplaying. Grab your blasters and let’s all head for the stars!!”

Review at UK Roleplaying

“The Mindjammer RPG is a huge and impressive piece of work.”

“As RPGs go, the Mindjammer RPG is among some of the biggest, deepest and most thrilling to date. Take to the stars in the Mindjammer RPG as you uncover an entire universe of adventure.”

Review at Rules of Play

“This is an impressive volume of work.”

“I would say it achieves everything it sets out to do, and does it with style, quality and passion. Sarah Newton, and all her Newtonians, deserve a hearty round of applause. If I was giving out scores, this would be a perfect 10.”

— Review at The British Fantasy Society, by Steve Dean

Mindjammer is for roleplayers who want a large, already detailed setting for their space science fiction adventures featuring high technology.”

“While the game can do many of the things other SF Space games can, it is when Mindjammer plays to its strengths that it shines as one of the most interesting FATE games today.”

Review at SF Signal, by Paul Weimer

“Certainly the best FATE Core implementation I have read to date

“The creative energy behind Mindjammer comes from the magical mind of Sarah Newton. With a stream of successful titles to her credit, including the ENnie Award-winning “Zero Point” campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu and the ENnie-nominated Legends of Anglerre, Sarah is undoubtedly one of the most creative and exciting RPG authors working at present. It’s not just her writing that is exciting; it is the breadth of her work and her understanding of what makes for good, playable game mechanics.”

Review at Miskatonic UK, by Derek

“A Must-Have for SF Fans” – Stargazer’s World

“It’s transhumanist space opera with a twist. Usually in transhumanist settings transfer of personalities is a common theme and the transferred mind is still considered to be the person it was before. This is different in Mindjammer and it makes the game much more playable in my opinion. The setting is definitely what makes the game a must-have for SF fans. It’s unique, extremely detailed, and should be a lot of fun to play.”

Review at Stargazer’s World, by Michael Wolf.

“Wow!” – UK Roleplaying

“Overall I have to say – “wow.” This is an epic piece of work… The scope and breadth is magnificent and the little personal details in each chapter make this a joy to read through. … The fact that the system uses Fate Core I find intriguing. In fact so much so that I will be placing my order forthwith! To be honest the price of $54.99 for a 500-page book and PDF I think is a bargain. This gets a hearty endorsement from UK Roleplaying. Grab your blasters and let’s all head for the stars!!”

Review at the UK Roleplaying blog.

“Stunning” – Game Knight Reviews

“[Mindjammer] does damn near anything you might want it to do for a sci-fi campaign. Gracefully. With style. And in a way that’s fun for GM and players alike… From a layout and design standpoint, the book is stunning… If you’ve ever pondered running a FATE-based space campaign, I don’t think you’ll find a deeper resource of ready-to-use information than the Mindjammer book.”

Review of Mindjammer at The Game Knight Reviews.

“Mind-blowing” – Geek Native

“Mind-blowing… A Fate Core powered sci-fi RPG that feels larger than space istelf – and given there’s the Mindscape to explore, use, master and worry about, in addition to physical space, perhaps it really is that large. Mindjammer: The Roleplaying Game is a transhuman epic.”

Review at the Geek Native website, by Andrew Girdwood

“Excellent!” – RPG.net

“Mindjammer is a great stand alone science fiction roleplaying game. Building on and adapting Fate Core to SF, you are propelled into a transhuman time of expansion, exploration and danger. Tools are provided to guide you on campaigns, adventures and constructing everything from characters to cultures, vehicles to huge structures. Really, very good indeed!”

  • Style: 5 (Excellent!)
  • Substance: 5 (Excellent!)

Mindjammer capsule review at RPG.net, by Graham Spearing

“I guess you can tell by the title of this post that I love this game. I included it in my recent Top 10 Tabletop Role Playing Games.

Mindjammer is far future space opera role playing, a la the stories of Iain M. Banks and Peter F. Hamilton. It’s a world of exploration, political intrigue, cultural conflict, post-humanity, virtual existence and rediscovery. The name of the game is taken from the sentient starships that carry communications and information between the stars.”

Mindjammer review at Steve Still Standing



Black Gate Magazine

Article by Sarah Newton at the Black Gate Magazine.



G*M*S Magazine – The RPG Interview Room

Interview with Sarah Newton in the G*M*S Magazine podcast, hosted by Paco Jaen.


Transcript of the Internet Relay Chat Mindjammer Q&A session, hosted by Dan Davenport.

Modiphius Calling Podcast

Sarah Newton interview on the Modiphius Calling podcast.

Farsight Blogger Interview

Interview with Sarah Newton at the Farsight Blogger, hosted by Jonathan Hicks.

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