Mindjammer – Online Gaming Resources

Check back here regularly for background images, maps, and tokens you can use in your online games using Roll20, Infrno, Battlegrounds, Fantasy Grounds, and more.


Mindjammer_campaign_page Mindjammer Campaign Page: Starfield with the Mindjammer logo – use it as the homepage of your online Mindjammer campaign.
Mindjammer_starfield_background Starfield: Use as a simple game background, or as the background for starship combat.

Worlds and Stars

Olkennedy_globe_image Olkennedy: The globe image of the planet of Olkennedy, with its famous crater.
Olkennedy_icosahedral_unlabelled Olkennedy: Planetary icosahedral map of the famous crater and the volcanic uplands.


Commonality_Token Commonality Token: Use for representing Commonality forces, or as a fate point marker.
Venu_Token Venu Token: Use for representing forces of the nefarious Venu.

All images and resources on this page are © 2014 Mindjammer Press Ltd. Permission is granted to use them for personal use in your games. But you knew that. 🙂

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