Mindjammer Downloads

Check back here regularly for useful downloads for your Mindjammer game. Is there anything else you’d like to see here – let us know!

Character & Other Sheets

With many thanks to Jason Miller for creating the form-fillable versions of these sheets!

MJ_charsheet_thumb Character Sheet: For your human, xenomorph, hominid, synthetic, or alien characters. Form-fillable version.
MJ_char_creation_worksheet_thumb Character Creation Worksheet: Worksheet for use in game and character creation for all types of characters.
MJ_constructsheet_thumb Construct Sheet: For sentient starship characters, node minds, city sentiences, or other installation characters, or for recording detailed or shared extras such as vehicles and starships. Form-fillable version.
MJ_orgsheet_thumb Organisation Sheet: For games where you’re playing governments, corporacies, instrumentalities, or other large-scale organisations; or for recording the same as detailed or shared extras. Form-fillable version.
MJ_culturesheet_thumb Culture Sheet: For games where you’re playing a culture; or for recording a culture as a detailed or shared extra. Form-fillable version.


Pregenerated Characters

Mindjammer_pregen_MAX_PROFFITT_thumb Max Proffitt: Starship pilot, New Trader, and wheeler-and-dealer beyond compare. He has a heart of gold – but count your fingers (or other manipulatory appendages) if you ever do business with him!
Mindjammer_pregen_skin_of_our_teeth_thumb Skin-of-Our-Teeth: Surveillance ship sentience with an eidolon personality derived from a long-dead spy, Skin keeps an eye on the group from her humanoid avatar – and keeps them out of trouble!
Mindjammer_pregen_thaddeus_clay_thumb Thaddeus Clay: A Core Worlder almost 200 years old (though you’d never know to look at him), Clay remembers the early days of the Expansionary Era and the turmoil of its wars. Now he trains this band of misfits to try never to make the same mistake twice…
Mindjammer_pregen_lyra_da_luz_thumb Lyra Da Luz: From the ghettoes of Altamira, a Fringe World neo-culture, Lyra’s a one-time interstellar jewel thief, pressed into service with SCI Force following a disastrous caper. She has an almost instinctive feel for intrusion and Mindscape ops, and will steal anything that’s not nailed down…
Mindjammer_pregen_jackson_stark_thumb Jackson Stark: Something happened to Jackson Stark after he was picked off the streets of Cynax IV as a homeless orphan, and even he doesn’t know what it is. It left him a stone cold killer, trained in assassination and wet ops, and even his mind can kill. He’s a SCI Force Enforcer these days – but that great big gap in his past comes back to haunt him…


Astrographical Templates

With thanks again to Jason Miller for creating the form-fillable versions of these sheets!

MJ_planetaryschematic_thumb Planetary Schematic: For recording planetary parameters, events, and icosahedral planetary maps, either if you’re exploring or surveying a new world during play, creating a planet collaboratively as a group, or generating or creating a world as GM. Form-fillable version.
MJ_systemschematic_thumb System Schematic: As above, but for determining all the planetary bodies and events in a stellar body or star system. Form-fillable version.
MJ_octantschematic_thumb Octant Schematic: As above – a cubic volume of space 100 light years a side, the smallest division of Commonality or Human Space above the star system level. Contains several tens of worlds.
MJ_subsectorschematic_thumb Subsector Schematic: As above – a cubic volume of space 200 light years a side, containing 8 octants and potentially hundreds of worlds.
MJ_sectorschematic_thumb Sector Schematic: As above – a cubic volume of space 1000 light years a side, containing 125 subsectors in five transect layers. Use this to sketch out the higher-level structures of Commonality or Human Space. There are 27 sectors in Commonality Space, and countless more beyond the Frontier.


Other Resources

MJ_refsheets_thumb Mindjammer Rules Reference Sheets: Summaries of the key Mindjammer rules – print these out for your Mindjammer GM’s screen, or just as a handout or quick reference at your table during play.


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