Mindjammer – Hearts and Minds

Mindjammer – Hearts and Minds – Saving a World on the Brink of War!Mindjammer - Hearts and Minds

“One hundred years ago no one had even heard of aliens. Then the sightings began — uncanny lights by the Snow-Layer, anomalies on our radar, strange reports from lone farmers or the pithecines in the backwoods. Some people thought it was the brave explorers of legend, returned from fabled Homeworld to help us in our hour of need; others thought it was the precursor to an invasion by an alien race, with designs on the fertile lands of our cratered home.
“Twenty years ago they announced themselves — and it was both. The Homeworlders had come, in force, and were nothing like our myths foretold. Heedless of our ways, they swept in like a whirlwind, and it seemed there was nothing we could do to stop them.
“They called themselves The Commonality…”

The world of Olkennedy is on the brink of civil war. Deadly factions with nefarious agendas conspire for power in a society reeling from culture shock, and your characters are the only thing holding back a bloody conflict which will tear the planet apart!

Hearts and Minds includes:

– A whole rediscovered world — maps, biosphere, civilisation, and society;
– A thrilling multi-session scenario of conflict, investigation, and intrigue against the backdrop of developing civil war;
– Details of Commonality factions;
– Guidelines for convention and one-shot play;
– An action-packed scenario for Mindjammer — The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer — The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.

Mindjammer. It is the Second Age of Space the transhuman adventure is just beginning!

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– “This book introduces a fascinating world to explore as well as a full-blown adventure.”

– “Here are a wealth of resources that should provide your group with some memorable adventures.”

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