Meet the Team – Sarah Newton

Sarah’s a writer of science-fiction and fantasy roleplaying games and fiction, and co-owner of Mindjammer Press. Her work’s known for its inventive and original world-building, a thought-provoking use of philosophical and technological concepts, and strong character-driven narratives. Her games tend to be part of the “indie narrative” movement in RPG design, but couched in an “old school” vibe.

She’s mostly known for her far future transhuman science-fiction novel Mindjammer and roleplaying game of the same name. The Mindjammer roleplaying game (1st edition) won a Judges Spotlight Award at the 2009 GenCon ENnie Awards, and the 2nd edition (2014) was a nominee for Best Rules and Product of the Year at the 2015 ENnies and won the Griffie Award for Best RPG at the Conpulsion convention in Edinburgh in 2014.

Her other RPG works include: the ENnie Award-winning Achtung! Cthulhu: Zero Point campaign; the “old school fantasy, new school play” roleplaying gameMonsters & Magic; the Legends of Anglerre fantasy RPG; the Burn Shift post-apocalyptic setting for the Fate Core RPG; and more. Her short fiction has appeared since 2012 to increasing acclaim, in anthologies such as Frostgrave (Osprey Books); The Book of the Dead (Jurassic London); The Lion and the Aardvark (Stone Skin Press); Have Blaster, Will Travel (Galileo Press); The Lost (Galileo Press); World War Cthulhu (Cubicle 7 Fiction); The British Fantasy Society Journal; and the World SF Blog. Her conceptualisation of the “Mindscape” was the subject of an article by neuroscientist and science writer Rita Carter in BBC Focus Magazine in April 2013.

In an unlikely number of previous lives Sarah has worked as a teacher, translator, interpreter, TV production manager, web developer, project manager, and product manager. In 2005 she fled the Chaos to live in a shack in a field in Normandy, France, and has been there ever since, with her Blues muso husband, the Brown Dirt Cowboy, and a bemused gaggle of farmyard animals, writing, gaming, managing a rock band, and generally failing to practice self-sufficiency. You can find her online at, on Facebook as ShairaSu, and on Twitter as @SarahJNewton.