Meet the Team – David Donachie

David Donachie is a games designer, developer and author living in not so sunny Edinburgh along with a house full of animals and a wife (who owns most of those animals).

David has been gaming since he was little, and is the author of the Solipsist RPG. In the past he has written for Cubicle 7 (Starblazer Adventures, Legends of Anglerre), and has written content for a variety of Mindjammer Press books, including Children of Orion and The Core Worlds. Over the years he has designed a variety of Roleplaying systems for his own use (many of which you can find on his website) as well as board games, card games, and computer games – including a Virtual Pet Site ( now in it’s 13th year of operation.

When not gaming David reads (too much), writes fiction (not enough), draws maps and website artwork (also to be found on his website), and tries to play catch-up with the cats, snakes, lizards, spiders and giant snails occupying his flat.