Mindjammer novel cover by Paul BourneOut Now!

Mindjammer Press is proud to present Mindjammer, the first novel in the Mindjammer series! By ENnie award-winning RPG author Sarah Newton, it’s an action-packed tale of mind-bending technologies in the unimaginably far future, as the human race struggles to fulfil its transhuman destiny.

In the seventeenth millennium, the New Commonality of Humankind is expanding, using newly-discovered faster-than-light travel to rediscover lost worlds colonised in the distant past. It’s a time of turmoil, of clashing cultures, as civilizations shudder and collapse before the might of a benevolent empire ten millennia old.

In the Solenine Cluster, things are going from bad to worse, as hyper-advanced technologies destabilise a society in chaos. Thaddeus Clay and his special ops team from the Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality are on the trail of the Transmigration Heresy. But what they find is something beyond even their imagining – and something which could tear the whole Commonality apart!

Available now from (trade paperback / ebook) and (trade paperback / ebook), and hobby and game stores everywhere!

  • “Complex, gripping, and the most original sci-fi you’re likely to get…”
    G*M*S Magazine
  • “A very exciting and intelligently-written novel that should be on the reading list of every SF fan!”
    Stargazer’s World
  • “William Gibson-like in the intensity of the ideas it introduce… a heady mixture of action, crunchy science fiction elements and that perennial cyberpunk or transhuman question: what does human mean? … Science-fiction may have a new star forming in its firmament.”
    Shores of Night
  • “Thrilling adventure and mystery wrapped up with an inventive, mind-bending look at mankind’s future.”
    Howard Andrew Jones, author of The Desert of Souls

Find out more about Mindjammer at

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