Meet the Team – Ian Liddle

Ian is an experienced hand in the roleplaying games industry, having spent twelve years publishing tabletop roleplaying games as Applied Vectors, undertaking freelance games conversion, and doing writing and layout work for such luminaries as FASA Games Inc, Battlefield Press, BTRC, Utherwald Press, and most recently Shades of Vengeance.

Ian lives in sunny Northamptonshire with his lovely wife. They are minions of their evil genius Monty, the cat.

In the past Ian has worked making 2D and 3D animation/CGI Effects for a small media company in the North east, as well as acting in an amateur film-making production (Henry V: Champion of Saturn). His major claim to fame is having provided CGI effects for the last official Doctor Who episode (Earthshock DVD Extra episode 5) made before Christopher Eccleston took over the role.

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