Custom Class – The Blademage

This is a fan-created class created by Travis Casey from the Monsters & Magic Google+ community. Thanks Travis!


Prime Attribute: Intelligence
Physical Hit Points: 1d8
Mental Hit Points: 1d6
Starting Money: 3d6 x 10gp

Blademages combine magic and melee combat, enhancing the blade attacks which give them their name with fire and ice magic and other subtler effects. Unlike normal magic users, they get in the thick of combat, fighting with sword and magic.

Blademage Traits

  • Bladebond: see below.
  • Wear Light Armour.
  • Use one-handed Swords (including Rapiers) and Daggers.
  • Blade Magic: Blademages use magic to attack, channeling it through a bonded weapon. See below for details.
  • Countermagic: May use trait bonuses when resisting magic-user spells.

Blademage Advancements

  • Fighting Lore (as Fighter).
  • Magical Lore (as Wizard).
  • Magical Defenses: Can use INT instead of DEX for physical combat defenses, when unarmoured or in light armour.
  • Magical Shields: Can create effects to shield others. Requires Magical Defenses.
  • Teleportation (heroic scale): Can use magic to teleport, even in combat. See below.

Effect Type Advancements

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Acid
  • Paralysis
  • Lightning

Other Advancements

  • Sidekick (heroic scale): attract a sidekick (page 70).
  • Followers (heroic scale): attract a number of followers (page 70).
  • Stronghold (epic scale): build and rule a stronghold like a castle (page 64).
  • All-Out Attack stance.
  • Damage Focus stance.


With an hour’s concentration, you can create a bond with a chosen weapon. Although commonly called a bladebond, this bond can be with any one-handed sword, rapier, or dagger. You can only be bonded to one weapon at a time.

With an INT check you can call a bonded weapon to you as long as it’s within short range and has an unobstructed path to you. Difficulty is Average (10) if no resistance is being offered, the STR check of a creature holding the weapon, or a value set by the GM in other circumstances (e.g., if the weapon is in a scabbard on someone’s belt). Use any effect points generated to make the weapon close range; once within hand range, you can grab the weapon.

An intelligent weapon can choose to refuse a bond.

Blade Magic

You attack with your bonded weapon using INT instead of STR, using effect points to describe magical effects and consequences such as burnt, frozen, slowed, etc. You begin play with one such effect type from the list above; each additional effect type costs an advancement.

Blade Magic can be used with special effects affecting weapon attacks, such as Cleave.

Teleportation Magic

You train to teleport short distances, even in combat. You may describe any movement effect you normally make as a teleport; with an extreme effect, you may move through or across a barrier that would normally prevent it (e.g., across a chasm, through a wall or door, etc). If you can’t see the destination you’re teleporting to, a heroic effect (20 EP) is required.

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