Mindjammer Press Webstore Launch – 50% Off All Products!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new webstore, with a massive half-price launch sale across all our lines! For the month of November 2020, take advantage of great prices for our physical and digital products, including:

  • The MINDJAMMER range of core books, supplements, adventures and fiction! Award-winning transhuman space opera adventure in the Second Age of Space!
  • The beautiful core book for the swashbuckling Arabian Nights-style RPG “Capharnaum – Tales of the Dragon-Marked”, plus the quickstart adventure THE TALES OF AMPHAROOL.
  • THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS quickstart and THE WORM WITHIN novel for our huge new roleplaying game THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH – COSMIC FANTASY ROLEPLAYING IN THE POST-HISTORICAL AGE, launching in early 2021!
  • The MONSTERS & MAGIC roleplaying game – Old School Fantasy, New School Play!

The webstore is available directly at www.mindjammerpress.net. Our launch sale runs from Wednesday 28th October to Monday 30th November 2020.

The Teuthic Temple

The Teuthic Temple

The Teuthic Temple is a short adventure written using our Monsters & Magic system.

Deep in a forgotten cavern, ancient octopoid sentinels of a long-forgotten mollusc civilisation guard the treasures left behind by the receding oceans. Dare you venture beyond the collapsed entrance and face their multi-limbed fury? Of course you do!

The Teuthic Temple also includes M&M rules for playing Octopoi as characters (and some conversion rules if you prefer to use them in a compatible OSR game instead).

The adventure is being sold pay what you want, as a fundraiser over on DriveThruRPG, get your copy today!