BLUE “thoughtcast edition” pre-release PDF

Blue CoverThe “thoughtcast edition” pre-release PDF of the new Mindjammer adventure BLUE is now available for Kickstarter backers to download!

If you backed the Kickstarter, you’ll be receiving an automated email with download links shortly, and you can also access it from your Backerkit account at

This is a multi-session adventure / mini-campaign by Sarah Newton and John Snead set among the ruins of a near-transcendent alien civilisation, and takes your characters deep into the unknown.

Read the update here:

Here’s a  landscape shot of the world of Jessila, the second garden world in the system.

blue-interior shot


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Gamer geek who loves Anime, Cats, Tabletop RPGs, MMORGs, Manga, Horror, Steampunk, Fantasy, Star Wars, medieval music, some 80s/90s rock/metal and of course Reggae. I have achieved several of my ambitions; worked on Doctor Who, wrote and published my own tabletop roleplaying game supplements, built my own website, provided CGI for and even acted in costume for amateur filmmaking projects.

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